Shelly Wan is an artist working for Pixar and an ex-member of Eidolon Fine Arts.

As a member of Pixar she has worked on Monsters University, Inside Out, Finding Dory and various smaller projects.

Previously she did work for Rockstar Studios, Disney, Tor Books and various other companies as both a concept artist and in final production work. Outside of contract stuff and company work, she has done various paintings that have been exhibited around the world as far away as Russia. Most of the work exhibited is done in oils and other traditional mediums which have earned her a few awards for their excellence.

She is significantly known for Misty Rainforest, Sage of Fables, the Judge Promo version of Survival of the Fittest and Leonin Arbiter.

According to Shelly in an interview from 2011, the description for Misty Rainforest was a simple piece as compared to most of the other pieces she was contracted to do.

Shelly presently lives in the Berkeley, CA area.

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(Photos: Gary Jay's private holdings)